Akuna Seasonal Lures for Bass Fishing - Michigan - Pack of 15

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  • The lures in these packs are intended for freshwater use only
Fish move throughout the year and seasons beginning with the Spring spawn. As the weather warms, they move to cooler and deeper water, then preparing for fall and winter. We have put together these recommended seasonal15-pack lures for Spring, Summer and Fall by state, for year round fishing. For best results, we recommend the use of the appropriate pack for the season to match the size of the fish as well as the expected depth to find them in the water. We hope you can benefit from our knowledge and experience to enhance your fishing trip and adventure. Recommendations available for all 50 states. For example, you can search for "Best Akuna lures for Minnesota" to see our listings and recommendations for fishing in Minnesota.
Lures for Bass Fishing
Lures for Bass Fishing

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