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Copper Fit Women's Compression Capri Workout Leggings - Black - Size: M

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  • Improved Performance - Compressionz Girl's Leggings Help Restrict Unwanted Muscular Movements And Prevent Energy Wastage To Help You Take Your Performance To An All New Level. The Leggings Limit Unwanted Movement, However, Allow For Full Flexibility Of Intended Movements To Let You Comfortably Run, Walk, Jog, Participate In Regular Fitness Workouts Or Athletic Activities.
  • Warmth And Recovery - Our Compression Leggings Offer You The Required Warmth And Improve Blood Circulation To Help You Recover Faster From Injury, Fatigue And Stresses. The Leggings Also Behave In A Smart Way To Keep You Warm During Winter And Cool During Summer - Thus Letting You Take Maximum Benefit Of The Them Irrespective Of The Season.
  • Effective Graduated Compression - Unlike Other Leggings Available In The Market, Compressionz Leggings Are Designed To Apply Optimum Compression,I.E., The Amount Of Compression That Helps Improve Your Performance But Does Not Result In Welt Marks Or Blood Clots.
  • High Moisture Wicking Stretchable Fabric - Our Leggings Are Made Up Of High Moisture Wicking Material To Keep You Dry And Comfortable All The Time - Even If The Leggings Are Worn For Long Hours, They Won't Result In Any Kind Of Itching Or Irritation. The 4-way Stretchable Technology Ensures A Snug Fit And Retains Its Shape Even After Multiple Wash Cycles.
  • Would you not like to take your performance several notches up if it could be done simply by putting on the right clothes?
  • Would you not like to recover faster from fatigue and pain so that your next day's performance isn't affected in any way?
  • Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you love it for its many amazing features and benefits:
  • -Helps you take your performance to an all new level
  • -Restricts unnecessary movements and prevents unwanted energy expenditure
  • -Allows for flexibility to make any intended moves
  • -Applies compression that improves your performance but doesn't cause discomfort
  • -Provides necessary warmth and improves blood circulation for faster recovery
  • -Smart fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • -4-D stretchable fabric that provides a snug fit and ensures flexibility of movement
  • -High Moisture wicking material keeps you dry and comfortable
  • -Better moisture management eliminates the possibil
Copper Fit

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