• These therapeutic, seamless, knit supports are interwoven with strands of copper complex. For centuries, people have believed that copper can help enhance circulation, reduce swelling, relieve stiffness and ease pain. Lightweight and comfortable, these copper support products aid body heat retention to help decrease stiffness, improve mobility and ease discomfort. Supports can be worn all day and offer special comfort at night. Made of washable acrylic/cotton/polyurethane and copper complex fibers.
    Ankle Support available in sizes (measure circumference of ankle): MED(8-13") or LG(10-14")
    Knee Suport available in sizes (measure circumference of knee): MED(10-14"), LG(13-17") or XLG(16-20")
    The Hand and Wrist Supports are sold in a pair and are one size fits all.
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