DR-HO's 2-In-1 Back Relief Belt, Size B: 42 - 55 Inch

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  • DR-HO's 2-in-1 back relief belt is a stretch and support belt that offers traction therapy in the comfort of your own home. Wrap the belt around your waist and wear it as an activity belt to provide support for your core while helping you maintain your posture. You can also inflate this belt using the high-efficiency hand pump, transforming it into a rigid lumbar support. This will allow the belt to expand vertically to support your upper body weight while stretching the lower back muscles and decompressing the pressure off your aching back. Get similar results of an inversion table without hanging upside down. This belt can help relieve back pain, hip pain, sciatica and pain caused by degenerated or herniated discs. Wear the belt for daily activities such as walking, standing, sitting, gardening, golfing and more. For sizing of the belt, please measure in inches around at the level of the belly button, and select size a for 25 to 41 inches, and size b for 42 to 55 inches.

    1) Wrap the belt loosely around the lower back. The bottom edge of the belt should be sitting on the pelvic crest (hip bones). Holding the thin velcro strap with your right hand, and holding the loop at the top of the inner flap with your left hand, pull outwards to tighten the belt. At this point, the belt can be worn as is for support and stability.
    2) To inflate, connect the hand pump to the belt's air intake tube by fastening the connectors (operates like a screw).
    3) Use the hand pump to inflate the belt by pulling all the way out and pushing all the way in. Repeat this motion to fully inflate the belt. Size A belts require approximately 25 pumps and Size B belts require approximately 35 pumps. ***Please note that all pumps have an auto-release air valve to prevent over-inflation of the belt. Do not use other pumps with this belt.
    4) The inflated belt can be worn for 30-60 minutes.
    5) Using the air release key that is stored on the front of the belt, insert the key into the air intake tube's nozzle to release the air. Air must be released before you remove the belt from your lower back.

    Do's: -
    - Wear the belt (inflated or deflated) for activities that aggravate your back pain.
    - For the first few days, wear the inflated belt for periods of 20-30 minutes to allow your body to adjust to the traction. This can be repeated several times throughout the day.
    - Inflate the belt for decompression therapy to decompress pressure off of your lower back. You can do this while sitting, lying down, or doing different activities.
    - For best results, prop two pillows under the knees and lie down on your back with the inflated belt on. Rest for 20-30 minutes. This position allows your lower back muscles to relax.

    - Do not wear this in water.
    - Do not wear the inflated belt for extended periods of time before giving your body an adjustment period. Wear the inflated belt for 20-30 minutes at a time, repeating 3-4 times through the day for the first few days using the belt.
    - Do not use any other pump aside from the pump that comes with the belt package.
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