Fytto Style 1026 Women's Comfy Compression Socks, 15-20mmhg, Pantyhose, Black, Extra Large Size

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  • "Fytto's compression hosiery products use graduated compression to promote blood circulation and push blood from the lower limb back to the heart. Graduated compression means that the pressure is the highest at the ankle and eases along the leg. Compression hosiery can effectively reduce leg swelling and energize the body throughout the day. For those who stand or sit for long hours on a daily basis, Fytto's compression socks can help you enhance your body conditions and reduce any discomfort due to blood circulation.

    1026 Series features a special thick and breathable fabric to offer the most comfortable wearing experience. The fabric optimizes body heat retention to keep the legs area warm without compromising comfort by providng outstanding moisture dissipation. This is the ideal solution for those who remain in sitting position for prolonged periods of time and those who go on long flights regularly. As the cabin pressure changes, the risk of blood clot inthe lower linm is greatly increased. By increase blood flow and enhancing body fluid uptake in the lower limb, compression socks can great reduce the risk of blood clot and other conditions. Can also be worn during pregnancy to offer support for the lower body without creating pressure for the baby.

    Oeko-Tex Standard Certified (an international testing and certification system for textiles) -- harmless and breathable material to provide comfort and allow maximum wear time without skin irritation or allergy. ISO13485 certified

    Choose from Black, Brown, Burgundy, and Grey colors. Suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Material content: 25% Spandex, 75% Nylon. Sizing Guide: Please use the sizing chart provided in the image section to choose your size.

    - Look for our authorized retailer: Amazon Inc, Comfytopia, Chang Enterprise
    - One pair of socks per package"

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