• Safely hold hook while tying to fishing line eliminating painful injuries.
  • Suitable for hooks sizes 4/0 down to No.28 or Cilrcle hook 3/0 and smaller.
  • Includes line cutter for up to 40lb. line, Including heavier braided line.
  • So easy and safe - Even children can tie their own line
Ross invented Hook-Eze, a nifty little gadget that makes tying fishing hooks onto the line not only safer, but a whole lot easier.The barbs of the fishing hook are protected in the case, while a spinning ring on your finger makes twisting the line a breeze. Hook-Eze is suitable for standard fishing hooks sized from 4/0 down to No.28 or circle hooks 3/0 or smaller. selected flies, swivels, snap-ons & speed clips for lure fishing. It's great for tying line to line & line to leader, you can even tie a Bimini Twist! When you_ve finished fishing for the day, you can put the hook back into the Hook-Eze, and from there, it snaps onto the runner of the rod and its ready to store in the car, so you won_t prick your upholstery, children, animals, whatever you take fishing with you.
Hook Eze

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