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Stren-Flex 20' L x 4" W Heavy Duty Nylon Twisted Eye & Eye Web Sling

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  • All-purpose, low-profile heavy duty sling
  • Made of nylon
  • Vertical, choker or basket configuration
  • 12000 pounds vertical load capacity
  • Measures 20-feet length by 4-inches width
Stren Flex Type 4 heavy duty nylon twisted eye and eye web sling with wrapped eyes. Type 4 eye and eye twist slings are identical to the Type 3 slings except the eye of a Type 4 is twisted to stand open. Eye and Eye twist slings are recommended if the sling is to be used in a choker hitch. Nylon is the most widely used general purpose synthetic web sling. Nylon is unaffected by grease and oil, and the material has excellent chemical resistance to aldehydes, ethers, and strong alkalies. However, nylon slings are not suitable for use with acids and bleaching agent or at temperatures in excess of 194 degrees F (90 degrees C). The stretch of a nylon sling at rated capacity is approximately 8-10 percent.Gorilla-Guard sleeves recommended for handling sharp edges, cost effective sling protection. Monster edge nylon slings contain energy absorbing fibers that increase cut resistance and web protection.
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • Color: Yellow
  • Overall Length: 20 feet
  • Overall Width: 4 inches
Web Sling

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