Women's Posture Improvement & Collarbone Pain Brace-M

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  • This figure-eight posture brace for women is a comfortable solution for treating broken or fractured clavicle injuries and improving poor posture. The women's back brace has padded straps that loop around your shoulders to hold the upper body in proper alignment, without uncomfortable rubbing against your chest or under the arms. The low-profile design allows you to easily wear the brace over or under your clothing. Straps of this collarbone brace are fairly wide and padded to make them a great solution for clavicle injuries. As you can see in the picture above, Size S has slightly narrower straps with a width of 2.25". Sizes M-XL have strap widths of 3.25". The figure-8 style treatment brace helps to keep the collarbone area immobilized by wrapping around both shoulders and the neck to hold the shoulders back and up. Wearing a brace with wide straps may feel uncomfortable at first, but will give you a suitable level of stabilization that is needed for your clavicle injury. In addition to clavicle support, simply wearing this brace can serve as a helpful reminder to be aware of your posture throughout the day. If you are specifically looking for a brace to correct your posture, search for "BraceAbility Posture Corrector Upper Back & Shoulder Support". It is designed especially as a posture corrector rather than a clavicle brace. The padded shoulder straps of this collarbone brace are constructed of a soft, stockinette-covered felt material that makes the brace comfortable to wear. Since the Velcro straps are located in the back, you may need assistance to apply and adjust the brace as needed. To determine which size you need, measure the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum. This collarbone brace is available in sizes S-XL. The brace can be hand washed in cold water with mild soap, make sure all the Velcro closures before washing. It should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

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