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Titin Force Weighted Shirt System - Black - Size: Large

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  • The gels can be heated or frozen and stay hot or frozen for 30-45 minutes
  • Weighted Shirt System is designed for stenuous workouts
  • Both the inner pocket shirt and the outer compression shirt are made with moisture wicking material to block odor and germs
  • Black color
The titan force line is patented weighted apparel with form-fitting gel inserts. The gel can be heated or frozen for post-workout recovery, while staying flexible at all temperatures. The gels are evenly distributed across the body, affecting only the muscles and not joints, leading to healthy, regenerative muscle fiber recruitment. The shirt adds 8 lbs. of weight but feels like 20 lbs. due to dynamic loading, tricking the mind into thinking one is carrying more weight.
Weighted Shirt
Weighted Shirt

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