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Trans Resveratrol 500mg x 180 Capsules, 98% Maximum Strength Antioxidant Formula, 3 Month Supply

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  • What is Trans Resveratrol? Trans Resveratrol is related to Resveratrol, a polyphenolic compound found in foods such as grapes, peanuts, some berries and red wine. Trans Resveratrol aids in increasing muscle endurance while burning extra calories. Athletes, fitness professionals, gym enthusiasts, weight lifters and others who engage in strenuous physical exercise and are serious about reaching their fitness goals value Trans Resveratrol for its endurance and calorie burning properties. Who should take Trans Resveratrol?

    Trans Resveratrol is an ideal supplement for athletes in training, sports players, gym enthusiasts, fitness professionals, bodybuilders and anyone who regularly engages in extreme physical activities. Trans Resveratrol can help you improve muscle endurance while burning more calories to achieve your dietary goals faster.

    What benefits will I see from Trans Resveratrol?

    You should notice significantly increased muscle endurance. This means that you will have more muscle energy and stamina for various activities, including sports and endurance events such as marathons and triathalons. An added benefit is Trans Resveratrol's ability to burn more calories during physical activity so you can expect to either lose weight or at least not gain weight while taking it. As it is also considered a powerful antioxidant, Trans Resveratrol can help you fight off harmful free radicals.

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