Doctors Best Best Acai Extract 500 mg 120vc

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  • Acai is an exotic palm fruit from the amazonian rain forest. the story of acai dates back hundreds of years to its use by the peoples of the orinoco basin area of brazil.the fruit was treasured as a source of sustenance for the people. scientific research has confirmed the high nutritional value of acai fruit and uncovered its potent antioxidant benefits.analyses have shown that acai is one of the richest sources of anthocyanins in the world, the flavonoid pigments which give many fruits and flowers their bright colors. these substances are known to be powerful free radical acai contains a potent certified-organic freeze-dried form of acai fruit. most 4:1 acai products are spray-dried powder extracts which contain significant amounts of maltodextrin and are much lower in nutritional content compared to the doctor's best certified organic freezedried acai powder.because the spray drying process causes a loss of nutritional value, many of the compounds needed for beneficial free radical scavenging effects are destroyed. these compounds are volatile and susceptible to destruction over time, if not preserved. in contrast, the process of freeze-drying helps to strongly preserve the antioxidant compounds in the fruit since it is done at low temperature and immediately after harvesting the berries. this process in fact concentrates the beneficial compounds in acai berries by removing only the moisture content from the fruit. best acai contains the whole freeze-dried acai berries with no added carriers. ripe acai fruits that grow wild in the amazon are harvested at their peak. the skin and pulp are separated from their seeds and dried in a unique freeze-drying process that preserves the wholesome goodness of the entire fruit, including the important anthocyanins. this ensures that best acai retains beneficial antioxidant properties, which serve to promote cellular health.
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