Pure Essence Candex Enzymatic Yeast Control Capsules - 80 Count

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  • Can I Take Candex WIth Probiotics? Yes. In fact, we encourage you to take probiotics concurrently with Candex as the likelihood of balancing your system is higher when you take both.
  • Is Candex Gluten Free? Yes. Candex is 100% gluten free and hypoallergenic!
  • How Long Does It Take For Candex To Work? We've found that four capsules a day provide enough enzymes to do the job for anyone. However, we recommend 1 capsule for every 40lbs of body weight.
  • The most ant rule of thumb with Candex is to take it away from meals. Take it on an empty stomach if possible, but if not, take it as far away from meals as possible.
  • All Authentic Pure Essence Labs Products Are Shipped With A Certificate Of Authenticity And The Manufacturer's Seal Of Approval
The Wait Is Over! Balance & Improve Your Immune System With Candex! The body is a miraculous system that does a great job keeping the naturally co-existing bacteria, fungus and viruses working in harmony most of the time, but sometimes that balance is upset. Maintaining a healthy balance in the body through digestive support has been a practice used by health practitioners throughout the world for several thousand years. Today we know a lot more about using enzymes to rebalance the different organisms throughout the body. Good bacteria can get overwhelmed when the body doesn't process sugars and other carbohydrates well enough. Probiotics can help, but sometimes they are not enough. Candex can support a healthy balance of flora in the body. For over 10 years, Candex has provided the most potent blend of plant-based, fiber-digesting enzymes available. It's so popular that other companies have tried to copy the Candex formula. In attempts to appear unique some companies have added protea
Pure Essence

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