Brite Innovations G9 Halogen Bulb, 40 Watt - 2 Pack - Energy Saving - Dimmable - Soft White 2700K - 120V - Q40, CL, T4 JD Type, Clear Light Bulb

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  • Brite innovation meets bright cost-efficiency.
    Brite Innovations' G9 Halogen Bulbs save you time and energy while outputting the power you need to brighten your space. These clear glass 40W bulbs deliver incredible luminosity unlike any other incandescent or LED variety of its kind. Whether you're lighting your home, office, or outdoor space, halogen technology accommodates many recessed fixtures and lamps with its unique T4 shape. LEDs have yet to perfect the special G9 prong-style design, so halogen remains the most energy-efficient, safest and brightest lighting option. The soft white color illuminates your space with a subtle, comfortable glow, and our versatile G9 Halogens work with both dimmers and flip-on fixtures. Choose an affordable home necessity with a lifespan up to 2,500 hours, and start saving today!

    What's in the Box?
    - Multipack G9 Halogen bulbs (2 Count)
    - A long-lasting, dependable light source
    - An attractive, money-saving solution!

    Specs & Details
    - Dimensions (each): 1.7" x 0.5"
    - Color/Glass: Soft White/Clear
    - Shape/Type: T4/Halogen
    - Voltage/Wattage: 120V/40W
    - Certified: CE RoHS
    - Temperature: 2700 Kelvin
    - Startup Time: Instant
    - Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $3.21 (3hrs/day, 11/kWh)

    How to Enjoy
    - Secure prongs into mounted fixture or lamp base
    - Experience bright, dependable, soothing light
    - Enjoy your energy and cost savings!
    - Do not touch bulb for longer bulb life
Brite Innovations
G-9 40W
G-9 40W

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