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G1 Color Changing Dimmable RGB LED Light Bulb w/ Controlled Remote Combo

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  • Multi-color light bulb: choose any color from over 16 million colors, red, green, blue, warm white or any color mixed out by them_It's also dimmable, set the comfortable brightness in need.
  • Touch Remote control: touch panel remote controller with sensitive keys, long-range control, easy to operate, and the remote can controlled 4 bulbs.
  • Highly-compatible: works with RGBW controller. Works with smartphone when connected with Wi-Fi Hub.
  • Controlling zone: 4 work zones each controller, assign lighting devices to different zone and control individually.
The color ring on remote offers you the freedom to choose Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or any colors from over 16 million colors. Unique colors such as carmine, peacock blue can be achieved by a delicate mix of basic colors. The remote is touch controlled! Click remote is old-fashioned. Touch panel remote controller with sensitive keys, long-range control. It is simple and soft to have fun with the remote.
Bulb with Remote
Bulb with Remote

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