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Quilted Waterproof Mattress Overlay Pad - Extra Large Flat - 36x70"

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  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE - This Dry Defender waterproof mattress cover keeps your sheets and mattress dry without sacrificing comfort.
  • ALL AGES - Great bed pads for both children with bedwetting and incontinent adults.
  • HOLDS UP TO 6 CUPS - Absorbent layer holds up to 6 cups of fluids, which is more than an adult bladder!
  • 100% WATERPROOF - Vinyl layer is woven into fabric for a soft, silent, AND DRY sleeping experience.
  • MADE IN USA! - 36" x 70" size is perfect for Queen sized mattresses (dimensions are approximate)
Defend Your Mattress from Fluids Using Dry Defender Mattress Protectors!. Ever see unsightly stains on your mattress when you take off the sheets? This Dry Defender underpad will prevent those unwanted stains from ever forming. Great for kids with bedwetting or incontinent adults alike, the Dry Defender Washable Waterproof Mattress Protector will prevent urine, sweat, and other fluids from penetrating into and ruining your bed. The top layer of these bed pads is made of poly-cotton so you can sleep on it directly. Under the layer is the absorbent layer that is capable of containing up to 6 cups of liquid. This absorbent layer, combined with the waterproof vinyl layer ensures your mattress will stay dry without giving up comfort. The waterproof vinyl layer is woven into the fabric to make it silent as well as soft.
Dry Defender
Mattress Overlay Pad
Mattress Overlay Pad

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