ESD 15' Ground Cord PVC Floor Runner Kit w/ Heel Grounder - Gray

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  • ESD Floor runner kit are made of homogeneous polymer mix of durable PVC
  • They are slip resistant
  • The mats is resistant to degradation by inorganic acids, organic acids, reducing agents, detergent solutions, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, amines, and aldehydes
  • RoHS compliant
ESD Floor runner kit are made of homogeneous polymer mix of durable PVC. ESD floor runners are ideal for production assembly rooms where an ESD safe area is required. They are slip resistant. The mats is resistant to degradation by inorganic acid, organic acids, detergent solutions, alcohol, mineral oil and aldehydes. Suggested service temperature of -20 to 160 degree F. They meet ASTM D412, D624 AND D2240, ESD S4.1-1997 standards. Kits include the mat, a ground cord and a heel grounder. Applications: aerospace assembly, electronic repairs, medical assembly and solar assembly, computer operators, electronic assembly and manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, cleanroom operation, fiber optics, aerospace and hospitals. To be used in hard surface floor applications. A homogeneous polymer mix of durable polyvinyl chloride, AFV series solid matting is designed to provide a static-safe work area for a wide variety of applications when ESD properties are required. 1/8-inches thickness. V-groov
  • Brand Name: ESDProduct
  • Material Type: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Color: Gray
  • LowerTemperature Range: -20 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Temperature Range: -20/160 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Upper Temperature Range: 160 Degrees Fahrenheit
Floor Runner Kit

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