Turquoize Pair(2 Panels) Solid Blackout Drapes, Horizon Blue, Themal Insulated, Grommet/Eyelet Top, Nursery & Infant Care Curtains Each Panel 52" W x 84" L inch

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  • To Determine Color:

    If you don't know what color you are looking for or not sure which one is in pictures.

    Please go to this link to check the color of the performance:

  • www.pantone.com/color-finder/16-4427-TPG
  • To Determine Width:

    1. Measure the width of each window you plan to decorate.
    2. Round measurement of the nearest inch and multiply by 2 or 3, depending on the desired amount of gathering (fullness) you wanted.
    3. Divide this number by the width of the curtain pair, panel, or valance to determine how many to purchase. Round to the nearest whole number.
    To Determine Length:

    Measurement is from the top of the rod, unless otherwise stated

    Popular Curtain Lengths:
    1. 63 inches - hangs to windowsills on most windows.
    2. 84 inches - hangs to floor on most windows
    3. 96 inches - for use on taller windows or to puddle on the floor

  • Move rods up or down to adjust to the length of the Curtain Panel.
  • Turquoize Blackout Drapes

    Experience the darkness, silence, and beauty of Turquoize curtains. Expect more than beauty of your curtains -- look at how much more you get from Turquoize. Unlike ordinary curtains, Turquoize curtains, block more than 90% of light, save up for 25% on home heating and cooling costs, reduce noise by up to 40%, increase quality of sleep, and reduce stress levels. With Turquoize curtains you don't have to choose between beauty and function-you can have both.

    Important Note

    Because not all windows are exactly the same, measure each window separately.


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