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CRC Smartwasher Specialty Metals Liquid Cleaning Solution, 5 Gallon Jug, Clear

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  • CRC's SmartWasher specialty metals cleaning solution is an aqueous, low volatile organic compounds (VOC), non-corrosive, non-flammable, biodegradable cleaning fluid for use in the SmartWasher parts washing system. The solution works in conjunction with the parts washing system when warmed to 105 degree by the SmartWasher units. The maximum strength, low odor specialty metals cleaning solution handles the removal of tough industrial soils as well as heavy grease, oil, carbon, sludge, dust and varnishes safely from all types of substrates. Additionally, specialty metals cleaning solution is not corrosive to aircraft metal or weapons metals and is suitable for all painted and unpainted aircraft surfaces. It is a timely alternative to conventional petroleum-based solvent parts washers. It is a self-contained, self-cleaning system that is completely safe, non-toxic and generates no hazardous waste - without compromising cleaning ability. It uses the process of bioremediation - the accelerated breakdown of organic com pounds such as grease, grime, varnish, oil, carbon and other heavy industrial soils through the use of microbes. The microbes, suspended in the specialty metals cleaning solution that re-circulates through the unit, literally eat their way through soils, converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide (CO2). The solution remains clean and usable, unlike traditional solvent-based systems where the solution becomes dirty and less effective over time. Disposal becomes a non-issue, as hazardous waste streams are eliminated. This process is non- hazardous, non-caustic, non-flammable, and does away with the need for regulatory paperwork. Recommended for parts cleaning in preventative maintenance and repair facilities, industrial manufacturing plants, automotive repair shops, metal fabricators, and any where that dirty, greasy, grimy parts need to be cleaned without regulatory or disposal issues. Clear colorless liquid appearance. Low odor.

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