Household Solutions Washing Bags (Set of 4)

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  • Tired of Clothes Falling Apart In The Washing Machine? Fed-up With Your Delicates Getting Snagged or Loose Threads?

    -Household Solutions 3+1 Washing Bags are your answer! The 3+1 Washing Bags provide industrial grade protection for your garments while still looking sexy and luxurious
    - Premium Quality Protection
    - Protects any garment you put in your washing machine
    - Provides privacy for your delicates and unmentionables while protecting their delicate nature

    Voted #1 Top Quality Material Guaranteed to Last

    -The 3+1 Washing Bags are designed with the highest quality micro-mesh and are protected with an industrial grade zipper. They are made with premium-grade 100% polyester making them strong and durable. Safe to use in all wash cycles and detergents.
    -Fits ALL Your Needs

    Everyone has different styles, sizes and needs, so Household Solutions 3+1 Washing Bags comes with 3 different sized bags as well as a Bonus Bra Bag

    -#1 The Large Bag (24" x 20") is big enough to fit your bulkiest of items, #2 The Medium Bag (16" x 20") is perfect for washing several pieces of clothing together, #3 The Small Bag (15" x 11") is ideal for your personal and most intimate delicates, #4 Bonus Bra Bag (6") is used to protect your bras from snagging or getting loose wire during the wash cycle


    -Simply place delicate items into the bag, zip it and wash as directed

    Our Commitment to Excellence

    - Tried the rest, NOW TRY THE BEST - RISK FREE!!!
    - Stop Being Disappointed With Cheap Imitation Products - Buy 3+1 Washing Bags TODAY
    - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    - Full Refund Within 90 Days - No Questions Asked
    - Buy Your Household Solutions 3+1 Washing Bags NOW to Protect Your Garments

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Household Solutions

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