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(0.6M X 3M) DuoFire Repositionable Decorative Non-adhesive Privacy Glass Window Film DP010W

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  • DuoFire Non-adhesive Glass Film Application
    1.Measure the size of your glass, determine the size of film you want to applied(make sure the film size will be around 0.5 inch larger than the glass).
    2.Use the utility knife to trim the glass film to your determined size.
    3.Clean your glass with a lint free cloth and water, make sure there is no dust or fibers on the glass.
    4.Fill your spray bottle with water(2 or 3 drops of shampoo in water will be helpful), spray on the entire glass(so that the film will be movable on the glass).
    5.Peel of f the crystal protective film(feel smooth) from glass film.
    Important: Make sure of this step is done before next. Sometimes the protective film is too tight stick on glass film may cause your doubt about protective film exists.
    6.Put the glass film (smooth side) on glass, adjust the position to fit the glass.
    7.Squeeze(You may use a credit card as squeegee)the glass film from the center to edges. Push out the bobbles together with water and make sure the edge/corner is firmly on glass.
    8.Trim the glass film edges with utility knife.
    9.Wipe the water with towels.
    Enjoy Your Beautiful home!


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