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Art Wall APB Studios Steering Wheel Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art, 14 by 18-Inch

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  • APB Studios was founded in the spring of 2010 by a collection of artists centered around the city of Buffalo, NY. Floyd Geathers, one the groups founding members, would remember that particular season as one of "different creative energies configuring themselves into one mantra, one vision, as if our very thoughts had self-will." Floyd, along with Susan Helmsley, John Black, and J.A. Panese, had been experimenting with photography and digital art for years, each in his or her own style. Having previously been introduced in college, the foursome happened to reconvene at an art function in Ithaca, NY. There, they talked of what the photograph could represent; what it could become. Susan recalls their conversations vividly: I had known the guys- we were, acquaintances, I mean- but it was like, suddenly something clicked. Something told me "hey, this was meant to happen.".
Art Wall

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