Brady 121898, ToughStripe Die-Cut Numbers and Letters, 4" x 8" GREEN (Pack of 10 pcs)

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  • ToughStripe Line Extensions ToughStripe floor tape, which launched in late 2010, is the Brady's top-selling line of industrial floor tape. Designed for high traffic applications, it offers superior resistance to marks and smudges, and has a low-profile design that minimizes the risk of tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks. Brady's ToughStripe material was developed for superior durability, easy application, and painless removal. It is a more highly visible product than paint, and can be applied and removed much more easily and quickly. The new line extensions include ToughStripe Die-Cut Numbers and Letters as well as stock legends. The whole family of ToughStripe products will help companies mark their floors for both safety applications as well as lean/5-S applications. For more information on the ToughStripe family of products, please visit PRODUCT FEATURES BENEFITS ToughStripe Die-Cut Numbers and Letters - Available in an easy-to see 4" W by 8" H size - Available in 6 high visibility colors Black White Red Green Blue Yellow - Ideal for marking aisle-ways, shipping receiving docks, distribution centers, or other areas of your facility ToughStripe Stock Legends - Available in 2", 3", and 4" width tapes - Two common legends available "Caution ESD Area" "QA Inspection Area" - Great for companies that may only need a few rolls, therefore not needing to create a custom legend through Brady TARGET MARKETS / USERS APPLICATIONS ToughStripe is applicable for all types and sizes of production facilities, storage centers, and distribution centers. Industrial settings with an even, non-coated concrete floor are optimal for ToughStripe use.

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