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Filtration Group Electrostatic Metal Frame Air Filter - White (12090)

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  • Washable
  • No electrical hook up required
  • Non-allergenic media is unaffected by moisture or humidity
  • Steel frame and durable construction offer easy handling and long service life
  • No Ozone
The Filtration Group's Electrostatic air filters operate on a simple principle of static electricity - similar to the way lint and hair are attracted to a comb when it's rubbed against a sweater. No electrical connection is required to remove up to 90% by weight of pollen, dust, mold, pet dander and other indoor pollutants. The Electrostatic filter is extremely durable, made with a steel frame that allows for easy handling and a longer service life. Four layers of polypropylene media have an inherent electrostatic charge, which is enhanced by the movement of air through and across each layer. Particles in the air stream become polarized and are drawn to the media, similar to the way metal is drawn to a permanent magnet. those particles eventually break off and are stored in the polyester collector cell until removed by a water rinse
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