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Masterpiece 3D PRO 2-1/2" Deep, 8 x 10 Inch, Vintage Acrylic Primed Belgian Linen Canvas

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  • 8x10 Masterpiece 3D Pro 2-1/2" Deep Artist Canvas. Pure medium weight Belgian Linen finished to a primed weight of 12 oz. per square yard. It is sized and double primed with archival quality acrylic gesso making the ground impervious to paints leaching through and harming the fabric. Suitable for most all paint types, like oils, acrylics, and alkyds. Belgian linen is very strong and has natural oils within it's fibers which keep it flexible and help prevent disintegration over time. The surface has a smooth tooth, although not considered of a portrait texture.

    With respect to frame construction, a celebrated feature of this product is what is called ''Canvas Relief'', which is the space between the canvas and the Stretcher Bar. There is 1/2'' of relief making it virtually impossible press on the canvas and touch the stretcher bar underneath. The frame is made from solid pine or fir wood harvested from the sustainable forests of the Pacific Northwest. Finger joints are never used in Masterpiece's wood frames. They are known to fail under pressure and over time, the glue joints break down, and are generally unsuitable for canvas frames that intended to last for centuries under continual tension. Fixed Corner Frame. Not keyable or expandable. No brace required for this size.

    Stretched using our proprietary MuseumWrap stretching method, which means that the canvas is stretched drum-tight, up to 50% tighter than other methods, and with balanced tension across the surface of the canvas. The corners are neatly folded, uncut, and perfectly intact, thereby making it possible for the canvas to be removed and restretched on the same size frame. The edges are suitable for painting for display with or without a frame. A free inspirational art quote refrigerator magnet is included. There are over 120 to choose from! Made in North America!
Masterpiece Artist Canvas

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