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Natural Paws Sweet Pea'S Gentlepaws, 2 oz

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  • Sweet Pea's Gentle Paws is Natural Paws solution to allergy-sensitive dogs itchy paws and skin. It focuses on reducing allergic inflammation, and cooling the burn of hot spots without the sting of alcohol or the dangers of parabens and chemicals, so the dog can finally stop licking these irritated areas for relief. When skin becomes itchy or painful, licking is the natural instinct of a dog. But licking these inflamed areas simply dries them out further, and relief becomes temporary, causing a habit and a worse problem. This organic blend of essential oils and extracts has been carefully selected, to offer soothing relief to dry, itchy paws and hot spots, bringing inflammation and redness to a cooler, calmer place without irritating your dog's sensitive skin. Sweet Pea's GentlePaws contains none of the common canine allergens, and the aroma of orange and chamomile is mild enough to make it a valuable treatment you can even use on your poochs nose. Proudly made in the USA from the finest organic botanicals available, this organic herbal blend is formulated to absorb quickly into the dogs skin, so you can finally ditch the foot bandages and embarrassing e-collars. Its non-stinging and safe if licked, with approval from Veterinarians, groomers, and dogs of all kinds. With Natural Paws, you can simply sit, spray, and go play.
Natural Paws

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