• Strong And Durable- Each Bin Includes A Reinforced Bottom Panel That Adds An Extra Layer Of Stability. Designed To Accompany The Cubo Storage System, But With The Bottom Panel In Place, These Bins Are Sturdy Enough To Use On Their Own To Hold Files, Scrapbook Paper, Children's Toys, Towels, Craft Supplies And More.
  • Easy To Carry- Chrome Handles Are Built Into The Front And Back Sides Of The Bin Which Makes Carrying And Moving It Easy And Worry-free. Inset Handles Are Stronger Than Sewn-on Cloth Handles And Won't Come Unstitched Or Separate At The Seams Like Cloth Handles Could.
  • Collapsible- Get Rid Of Clutter And Maximize Your Storage Space! The Reinforced Bottom Panel Comes Out And The Entire Bin Folds Flat For Easy Storage When Not In Use. Folded Bins Fit Perfectly Into An Open Storage Bin.
  • Truly Square- These Cube Storage Bins Are Actually Cubes! Measuring 12 X 12 X 12, These Bins Integrate Seamlessly Into Niche Cubo Storage Cubes.
Niche with versatile and modern Niche Fabric Storage Bins! Strong and durable, these bins each include a reinforced bottom panel that adds an extra layer of stability. With the bottom panel in place, they are sturdy enough to use on their own to hold files, scrapbook paper, children's toys, towels, craft supplies and more. The bottom panel comes out and the entire bin folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Folded bins even fit perfectly inside an open one! Chrome handles are built into two sides of the bin, which makes carrying and moving it easy and worry-free.

How BLINQ Works

  • Retailer needs to move overstock, open box & refurbished inventory.
  • BLINQ receives inventory and professionally inspects each item.
  • Condition is determined, with only the best items passing inspection.
  • Item is heavily discounted on BLINQ.com to sell quickly.