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Nordic Pure 8x30x_1/2_M12-6 1/2-Inch Air Filter MERV 12, Box of 6

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  • The actual size listed above is the exact size of the frame. The air filter material extends beyond the frame. Half-Inch AC Furnace Air Filters consist of an internal wire frame bonded between flat layers of two different types of electrostatically charged filter media. The first layer is a polyester filter media which acts as a pre-filter. The second layer is a MERV rated smooth poly-blend filter material. It is our opinion this double media half-Inch air filter is more effective than the half-Inch pleated air filter. It is more efficient therefore you are getting 2 for 1 air filters. The electrostatic charge of the air filters works as a magnet to draw airborne particles. In combination, the half-Inch (1/2-Inch) Double Media Air Filters provide exceptional air filter capacity and remarkable air filter efficiency. We offer almost any size half-Inch AC furnace air filter you are looking for. The Nordic Pure Half-Inch AC Furnace Air Filter gives customers the best of both worlds. The first layer has a high capacity, which means it will capture and hold large air particles. This feature prolongs the life of the air filter and enables the second, more efficient, layer to capture the smaller air particles. Half-Inch AC Furnace Air Filters are especially great for apartments, campers, boats, buses, RV's, AC and heater window units, and any air system that requires half-Inch (1/2-Inch) air filters.
Nordic Pure

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