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Siemens 120x240 Primary Volts 50/60Hz 24 Secondary Volts Power Transformer

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  • Reduces 120 x 240 V (primary voltage) to 24 V (secondary voltage)
  • Rated up to 100 VA
  • Silicon steel-laminated core and copper magnet wire for increased transformer efficiency.
  • Epoxy-encapsulated to resist moisture, dust, and industrial contaminants.
  • Complies with IEC standard 61558-1 for safety.
This Siemens MTG0100C industrial power transformer has a 100 VA power rating, a voltage letter designation of C, and reduces 120 x 240 V (primary voltage) to 24 V (secondary voltage). A silicon steel-laminated core and copper magnet wire increase transformer efficiency, which decreases the destabilizing effect of inrush current on secondary voltage. Epoxy-encapsulated transformer coils resist moisture, dust, and industrial contaminants, and built-in terminals and barriers resist breakage. Fuse clips are included on the secondary side to save panel space and wiring time. Steel mounting brackets provide stable mounting and slotted mounting feet make installation easier. The thermal insulation class for this transformer is 105 degrees C with a 55 degree C (131 degrees F) temperature rise. This power transformer meets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and CSA International standards IEC-742 and displays the CE mark, and is suitable for use in transforming electrical power for
Power Transformer

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