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Siemens 5SJ43308HG42 Miniature Circuit Breaker, UL 489 Rated, 3 Pole Breaker, 30 Ampere Maximum, Tripping Characteristic D, DIN Rail Mounted, Type NSJ, 480Y/277 VAC, 125 VDC

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  • Siemens UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breakers are designed for branch circuit protection and feeder applications. They are UL listed and certified to Canadian standards (File E2434140). The UL 489 breakers use an all-round solution for protection tasks in distribution blocks, control cabinets and control systems to UL 508A as branch protectors . In particular, they are also approved for the protection of electrical circuits in heating, ventilating and cooling systems (HVAC), as well as for DC applications up to 60 V/ 125 V. The tripping characteristics B, C and D to EN/IEC 60898 have been adapted so that they fall in the permissible tripping range according to UL 489, as well as for applications at 25 C and 40 C. These devices can be installed anywhere in the world since they are approved to both standards.

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