Sold Out Magnetic Levitation Rotating World Globe for Home/Office Desk

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  • Warm and delicate LED lights alternately exchanging between purple, green and blue every 3 seconds. Ideal choice for home office desk decoration.
  • Exclusive healthy and natural negative ions releaser: Increases oxygen anion; reducing bacteria, release fresh air; eliminate the smoke, formaldehyde and dust.
  • Futuristic Design - 6" inch floating globe, removable and can float in the air driven by the magnetic technology.
  • Besides being a decoration, it can also be used as a luminous pearl in dark comfy light, so to generate a warm home-feeling.
  • Energy-saving LED lamp-ring built-in the magnetic base, which can be switch on/off at the bottom of the base according to practical situation.
  • Low Power consumption with only 1.44kwh/month.
Wireless World Globe with luminous light no need battery, light will vary to 3 modes - Purple, Blue and Green when its being charging through the base USB port. Automatically adsorb to the center base when slightly moved from equilibrium position and not falling down to the earth. Globe can attach to the base even if you grab it upside down.Please feel free to purchase.
  • Size:6" inch
  • Globe net weight:220g
  • Base net weight:680g
  • World Globe Diameter:14.5cm
  • Base Diameter:19.5cm
  • Base Height:5cm
  • Floating Height:1-1.2m
  • Power Supply Working Vlotage:12V
  • Power source VDC: 110V-240V
  • Wattage Rating:2-5W
  • Power Cable Length:1.8m
  • 100 Levitating System load-bearing:350g
World Globe
World Globe

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