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Bon Chef 9514 Aluminum Straight Sided Unbreakable Bowl, 1-3/4 quart Capacity, 9-3/4" Length x 4-3/4" Width x 3" Height, Sandstone White

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  • Bon has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the most durable products available to the food service industry. Bon Chef's Sandstone platters, plates, bowls, ramekins, mugs, trays, look like fine china, but are unbreakable. They look like ceramic but are durable, unbreakable and maintain consistent food temperatures. Bon Chef Sandstone is NSF approved and is virtually unmatched in maintaining uniformity and temperature. Bon Chef Sandstone platter looks like fine china, but are actually-manufactured from specially formulated materials that are fired and fused to a 100 percent food-safe metal body. Its unique construction will conduct and retain cold temperatures better than any other bowls, platters or crocks available, helping to keep food looking and tasting fresher and slowing the growth of harmful food born bacteria. Safe Temperatures: -20 degrees F to a maximum temperature of 185 degrees F. Ware washing: Use only metal safe detergents and sanitizers. Do not use iodine-based sanitizers - may cause staining. For heavily soiled conditions, presoak in hot water with mild soap. Do not scour or scrape. Use only nylon or sponge pads to clean. Scouring pads will damage the Sandstone finish. Do not use as a cutting surface. Knives will damage the Sandstone finish. Do not place in oven or broiler, as this will damage the Sandstone coating. Do not use in a hot bar as this will cause staining, separation and lifting of the Sandstone coating. Light colors may stain in hot service. Recommended serving utensils: Bon Chef Sandstone or Pewter Glo untensils and/or plastic service ware. Heavy metal or any type of metal utensils should not be used.
Bon Chef

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