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Adam Iced Tea Combo Cardamom/Orange 600 Count

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  • A wholesale combination case featuring 2 of our very popular fruit flavored iced teas
  • Luscious orange tea - pure Ceylon high grown tea blended with real orange peel pieces and all natural orange flavor, this case includes 12 packs of this tea, each pack contains 25 individually wrapped teabags, 300 orange tea teabags in all
  • Authentic cardamom tea - pure Ceylon black tea blended with real cardamom spice pieces and all natural cardamom flavor, this case includes 12 packs of this tea, each pack contains 25 individually wrapped teabags, 300 cardamom tea teabags in all
  • Both teas are specially blended for iced tea, marked with coveted Ceylon lion seal as proof of premium quality tea, double chamber teabags enhance infusion to maximize flavor output during brewing process
Adam teas are crafted with the highest quality single origin Ceylon teas. With upwards of 200 different grades of tea available at their fingertips, Adam blends each tea with extreme precision so that the flavors applied to our teas bring out the flavor of the tea in a very unique way. Adam fruit flavored teas are specially blended to brew iced tea and are made with delicate high grown, fruity teas, real fruit pieces, and natural fruit flavors. All Adam teas bare the lion seal, which is a certification issued by the government of sri lanka to signify that we use only the highest quality Ceylon teas. This quality translates to a tea brew that is full of flavor without the bitterness that is present in other lesser quality teas. This also means that the fruit flavor application applied to our teas live in perfect harmony with it's precisely crafted tea counterpart. This results in a tea or iced tea that has a very realistic and strong fruit flavor.
Iced Tea
Iced Tea

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