BLAISTIX Pure Grassfed U.S.A. Beef Jerky Snack Sticks - 25 Pack - Assorted

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  • No Dairy, Soy, MSG, Nitrates, Nitrites or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • All beef from cattle born and bred in the U.S. and raised with NO antibiotics or Hormones
  • Only 50 calories, 2g of carbs and 5g of protein
  • 5 grams of high quality REAL protein and 2g of Omega 3 - rich grassfed beef fat
Beef born and bred in the USA and no artificial ingredients, flavors or fillers make BLAISTIX the jerky snack stick difference maker. The leaner the beef (ours is 92% lean) the higher the protein content. Our sticks come in slightly above 5g of protein. The only way to increase the protein content is to add other products such as nuts or a form of protein powder. We are not willing to sacrifice taste and texture for the added protein, not to mention the many issues people have with nuts and soy. If you see other beef snack sticks claiming to have more than 5g protein and don't use the above mentioned ingredients, you are being sold a false bill of goods. Local Pastures makes BLAISTIX and markets BLAISTIX with just the facts. No scurrilous claims, no inflated benefits. The label says it all. Well, almost all. BLAISTIX are also gluten free, but due to anticipated changes by the USDA regarding a gluten free symbol, we weren't willing to invest in a million labels with a gluten free statem
Jerky Snack Sticks
Jerky Snack Sticks

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