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Expresso Coffee Capsules Gift Box Limited Edition - 80 Pods

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  • Expresso coffee capsules are produced with elite varieties of coffee beans from Brazil, Africa, Central and South America. Expresso coffee capsules epitomize a long way from ripen coffee beans to a cup of aromatic coffee. A gentle and thoughtful roasting is the main secret of the excellent taste and an exquisite bouquet of our coffee. We are proud to present our presso Gift Set collection created for coffee lovers in the United States.
  • With a single pack you will receive 80 capsules of 10 different blends. 8 capsules of Gourmet 8 capsules Arabiata 8 capsules Ristretto 8 capsules Italianto 8 capsules Delicato 8 capsules Decaffinato 8 capsules Classico 8 capsules Colombiano 8 capsule Brasiliano 8 capsule Lungo Is it possible to drink a high premium quality coffee and pay less money
  • It Is High Quallity! ! with Expresso coffee capsules you always get premium quality coffee made from elite sorts. We monitor the entire process from roasting beans to finished capsules that results in coffees of the highest quality.
  • It Is Compatible! Expresso produces coffee capsules compatible with Expresso and Nespresso Original Line coffee machines. Expresso coffee capsules are a perfect match for Nespresso Original Line coffee machines of all types. Be Aware do Not fit Nespresso Vertuoline Machines! All Nespresso Original Line machines available on the market now and in the last 9 years have been examined by our experts for compatibility.
  • You Must Know It! Aluminum or cheap plastic does not decompose in the environment but pollutes it. For our coffee we use only high quality, Fully Recycleable certified capsules, produced in Italy; so, you can save the planet while discovering a rich taste of our coffee.
All Good Things come to those who wait. The Ideal Timing of real Italian espresso brewing is 1 ML per second, which means that a shot of flavored coffee will be ready in approximately 40 seconds after you push Start button on your coffee machine. Our Expresso capsule May Run Slightly Slower than you're used to in your coffee machine. Many manufacturers of coffee machines and capsules promise that youll get your espresso in 20 seconds. This speed is certainly possible but it comes at a cost in taste. In order to fully open up all of the flavors, a slightly longer brew time is required. If you can manage the patience to wait for as long 40 seconds, your reward will be a noticeably better tasting espresso in your cup!
Coffee Capsules
Coffee Capsules

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