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Honey Land Raw Unfiltered Honey Comb Honeycomb Kosher

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  • 100% pure raw honeycomb straight from the hive
  • Naturally sweet and delicious
  • Has many health benefits including: cholesterol management, improving liver function, contains antioxidants to eliminate free radicals
A honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal wax cells built by honey bees in their nests to contain their larvae and stores of honey and pollen. The wax that makes up honeycomb contains very-long-chain fatty acids, along with long-chain alcohols, or esters. The honey that is produced and stored within the honeycomb is the purest, rawest form of honey, and the wax the honeycomb is made of has tons of nutritional value and health benefits.
Honey Land
Raw Honeycomb
Raw Honeycomb

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