Lungo Arabica Forte

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  • Our Lungo Arabica Forte is made from 100% of the finest Arabicas from Mexico and Peru

    With a intensity scale comparable to that of Nespresso *, this blend has an intensity of 9

    Compatible with Nespresso * Machines Pixie, CitiZ, Maestria, Latissima, and others

    Each capsule contains 5 grams of roasted coffee

    Gourmesso's Lungo Arabica Forte is made from 100% Arabica beans, sourced from Mexico and Peru, and slowly roasted to develop their intense aroma. This slow roasting process is what gives this Arabica coffee its rich and bold flavor. The coffee capsules posses a strong flavor and extraordinary aroma also because of the fine grinding process. The Lungo Arabica Forte has an intensity of 9 and is delightful alternative to Nespresso * capsules. The Arabica bean is one of the most economically important species of plants in the world and is native to the southwestern Ethiopia. Today it is grown in many other countries as well, such as Brazil and Peru. In contrast to the Robusta, Arabica beans are larger and more elongated. Arabicas are less equipped to handle heat, wind or humidity. Arabica beans taste very mild and are easily tolerated by sensitive stomachs due the reduced amount of acid. The market price of Arabica coffee is determined on the New York Stock Exchange. Coffee capsules made from 100% Arabica beans are always a special treat! Try our Lungo coffee capsules in your Nespresso * machine today! With our capsules you save 30% more than any differnt purchase of Nespresso * capsules, and get a product of equal quality.


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