• Giant baseball sized shrimp chips. Accept no substitutes.
  • When prepared, makes up to four medium bags of chips
  • Prawn Flavored Shrimp Chips
  • Great for snacking, parties, movie night and more.
  • Makes light and crunchy full flavored chips
The biggest and best flavored "shrimp chips" you've ever had! These are the tasty flavored chips that puff up when deep-fried. These shrimp chips make a great snack food for both kids and adults. Their texture and flavor goes very well with beer. For best results, don't fry too many of the crackers at once, and have a wire basket or wooden chopsticks ready to quickly remove them from the hot oil. Get the best results deep-frying 1 - 3 crackers at a time _ any more, and it_s difficult to quickly remove them from the pot of oil.
Sa Giang
Shrimp Chips

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