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White Gold Single Origin Coffee 12 oz

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  • Single Origin- Colombia. Intended for brew in a french press or as espresso in an Aero Press. Drip machines are not an ideal way to brew this coffee because it does not have time to steep and extract the essence of the bean. The unique flavor, color, and quality of this bean are achieved through a one of a kind roasting process, never used before. The result is a coffee that's almost white. It's light, creamy, nutty and perfect for mixing with your favorite fats (butter/coconut cream/ MCT). The overall process, from growing to roasting, ensures the highest level quality and sustainability, earning this coffee the UTZ and Rainforest Certification. This roasters are also part of the highly selective, Specialty Coffee Association. Details: We set out to create the perfect roast that pairs with high quality fats in a Caveman Style beverage (see our recipe page). Working with an elite roasting team, we created the White Gold. It is roasted only enough to extract the water. The oils in the bean are roasted as little as possible and the result is a nutty and woody taste. Suggested use: For the a bold Caveman Coffee Blend, use this roast. Add cacoa butter or your favorite spice to your lipid mix for a real paleo treat. (See our recipe page for specific Caveman ideas) Note: Before your daily grind, be sure to shake your bag. The lighter beans are heavier and sink to the bottom.
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