Barvivo 16 oz. Camping Wine Glasses with Coasters - Set of 4

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  • The only wine glasses and coasters combo for outdoor use on amazon, nothing compares - modern designed stemless glasses made to any purpose relax
  • The best all around camping glass - excellent for beer, drinks, cocktails, juice, fruit infused water and even desserts
  • Stop worrying about shattered glasses around your pool area - these glasses is the solution you've been looking for
  • Love your new wine glasses and coasters or we'll send your money right back - don't settle for cheap outdoor glasses that wear out
Looking for shatterproof and crystal clear wine glasses, that will survive a kiss from the tile floor around your pool. Without compromising the design and functionality? Don't settle for cheap imitators...These wine glasses is your answer. The only wine glasses & coasters combo for outdoor use on amazon. This is what you've been missing. Want to be able to enjoy your wine with style, without having to worry about shattered glasses or ugly stains on your table tops? This combo of stemless wine glasses and slip resistant coasters is made for you nothing else compares. This purchase a no-brainer for anyone who loves camping or have a pool. Perfect for houses with a pool area or for the outdoor enthusiast. Most-have for any wine lover. you're here for a reason. Invest in these wine glasses to get the most out of your wine and avoid shattered glass all over the place.
Wine Glass
Wine Glass

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