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  • With a huge variety of coffee mugs out there it's hard to know which one to choose. At Asobu we specialize in bringing you the perfect coffee cup so you can enjoy your coffee at the temperature you desire without worrying about spills and leakage. Let's face it there is nothing worse than having that perfectly brewed cup of coffee spill all over you freshly pressed blouse or financial statement you stayed up all night preparing. Asobu's Manhattan coffee mugs brings you a classy, vacuum double walled insulated, spill proof coffee cup that you can leave on your desk to enjoy at your own leisure at the temperature you desire. The slide top ensure easy access and the spout is perfectly sized to give just the right amount of coffee without burning your tongue. The Asobu Construction not only retains temperature, but also prevents external condensation from forming so your desk can be free from moisture. So grab an Asobu Manhattan Coffee Tumbler head uptown or downtown and enjoy the coffee you deserve. Features QUICK EASY ACCESS, DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATION, STAYS HOT FOR up yo 6 HOURS, stays cold for up to 24 hours, LIGHTWEIGHT AND Sturdy, FITS IN STANDARD CUP HOLDERs, SPILL PROOF, IDEAL FOR TRAVEL.
V700 Black

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