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Pink - 26oz Refresh2go Curve Water Filter Bottle with Grip

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  • Refresh2go Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I get started using my Refresh2go?
    To get started with your Refresh2go, first assemble your bottle:
    Remove safety wrap from filter
    Rinse filter upside down with cold water to remove fine filter dust
    Attach filter to the bottom of the straw
    Insert the straw into the cap, screw it on, flip and sip!
    What type of water can I use in my Refresh2go?
    Refresh2go is only for use with drinking water or potable water such as tap water and drinking fountains. It is not for use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality such as lakes, streams, and rivers.

    Can I put sports drinks, juice, or flavor additives in my Refresh2go?
    Refresh2go bottles (with filter attached) are designed and intended for use with water only. The filter may remove the flavor from these types of beverages, leaving you with unsavory water. It may also clog up your filter and decrease the filter life.

    How often should I replace my Refresh2go filter?
    Each Refresh2go filter treats about 40 gallons of water, which is approximately two months of daily use. If you use your Refresh2go more regularly, you may need to change your filter more frequently. Register for Refresh2go filter reminders.

    I'm experiencing air bubbles when I drink. Why?
    Occasionally, the mouthpiece can loosen and cause some slight air bubbles. If you are experiencing this, open and close your mouthpiece multiple times, then push firmly on the base of the mouthpiece (where the mouthpiece is connected to the cap). If you need more help, watch a quick video from our expert we ll get those bubbles cleared up in no time!

    My new filter is coming out of the plastic housing. How do I fix it?
    If your filter is sliding out of the filter case, simply push firmly on the bottom of the filter packet until it goes further inside the filter housing (approximately 1/4 1/2 ) until it does not lay flat against the opening. For more information and guidance, watch this video demonstration from our resident expert!

    My bottle is making noises. Why?
    Occasionally the bladder (the silicone piece on the inside of the lid) can become stuck shut and make a noise. The best thing to do is to try pinching it together so you can see an opening when you pinch it. Noises can also occur if the lid is screwed on very tight. Refresh2go lids have unique leak-proof technology and if the lid is overly tightened, it can make it slightly harder to drink and also make some noises. We recommend making sure your lid is closed well but not overtightened.

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