• Alkaline Water Ionizers from Tyent provide pH levels from 2pH to 12pH* with TURBO and 1-Touch Technology
  • 11 Huge Platinum Plates offer DOCTOR RECOMMENDED Antioxidant and -ORP levels
  • Thin, Sleek Design with Genuine Stainless Steel, UL Listed, FDA approved plastics
  • Ultra Purest Filtration with 0.01 Micron and Antibacterial Technology (ABT)
Why Are Tyent USA Water Ionizers the Best? Tyent units have the best components to create the best alkaline water. With Tyent you get: -A Forever Guarantee -Antioxidant Boost? Technology (A Tyent Exclusive) -11 Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates (A Tyent Exclusive) -Adjustable pH Levels -Chemical-Free Systems -A+ Better Business Bureau Rating -Antibacterial Technology (ABT) to kill microorganisms (A Tyent Exclusive) -SMPS Plus? Power Supply (A Tyent Exclusive) What is Alkaline Water? It?s the healthiest water! Tyent units create alkaline water the correct way by ionizing it through an electrolysis process (using electricity). What Are the Health Benefits of Alkaline Water from a Tyent Water Ionizer? -A Healthy pH: Stress and acidic foods cause an acidic pH imbalance, which can lead to disease.
Tyent USA
Water Ionizer
Water Ionizer

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