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Typhoon Food Stor Se

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  • Typhoon: Providing design led kitchenware at affordable prices.

    Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iconic Vintage Kitchen, Typhoon introduces the new Vintage Americana storage line. With high quality materials and advanced production techniques, this range has been created to withstand the rigors of every day life, and look striking in any kitchen. Each storage bin is made from high quality coated steel, resulting in a smooth silky finish with practical details such as airtight seals for storage canisters and a carbon filter for the compost caddy. This set of three storage bins is designed to be used for tea, coffee, and sugar, but is perfect for any other herbs and spices as well. Wash by hand when necessary; Measures 4-3/4 high by 4-Inches in diameter.

    Starting as a small company with a simple philosophy, to bring Asian products to a British market, Typhoon has chartered the waters of homewares in the UK and beyond. Along the way, their products caught on and became incredibly popular all throughout Great Britain, which eventually moved Typhoon to become a world-renowned company. Today, Typhoon's products encompass a wide range of household products, but one thing on their journey has always remained the same and is at the heart of everything they do... Design-led kitchenware at affordable prices. Simple!


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