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LA Linen Bridal Satin Round Tablecloth, 132-Inch, Pink Light

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  • Bridal Satin is a medium weight fabric with an elegant sheen that flows beautifully, it has a high thread count that comes from using many layers of fiber. The 132" round Tablecloth is used as a floor length cover on a 72" round Table (seating 10 to 12 chairs). The Tablecloth would reach all the way to the floor for a classic formal look. The Tablecloth is made in 3 panels in a symmetrical pattern to ensure the size to be 132" round, and that the Tablecloth would remain perfectly round and to the size after years of use and wash. This Tablecloth is made in our factory in USA, to the highest standards. The seams are made with a 5 thread overlock machine for durability, and the edges are made with marrow / surger for a clean look.
LA Linen

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