Premium Ice Bucket Insulated Stainless Steel Double Walled Top Handle For Carrying One Handed Quality 8 Inch Solid Stainless Steel Scoop Keeps 1/2 Gallon Of Ice

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  • Premium Stainless Steel Ice Bucket & Scoop

    This ice bucket is designed to be used to hold ice at the table, bar top or hotel room where drinks are being served, not to cool bottles. Its size makes it easy to carry and holds enough ice for serving multiple drinks without being too cumbersome.

    This quality ice bucket and scoop are made from premium 201 stainless steel which has been highly polished to give a mirror finish. The construction of the bucket and lid are double walled to keep the cold inside the bucket and to prevent condensation on the outside.

    Getting ice out of an ice bucket can be hard work with tongs as they never seem to grab the ice very well and you can only take small amounts at a time. Our 8 inch stainless steel ice scoop allows you to easily grab larger quantities of ice making the whole set up much more user friendly.

    Ice melt was tested at 71 deg F and the ice lasted for more than 6 hours in this premium double walled ice bucket.

    The curved top handle easily moves out of the way and is securely held on each side with secure lugs. This design ensures that you can easily carry the ice bucket with one hand, where you need two hands for those ice buckets with side handles.

    The removable stainless steel strainer sits in the base of the bucket about an inch up. This conveniently allows for the melt water to flow through the strainers holes and collects below it, while the ice stays above nice and dry. This prolongs the life of the ice.

    The ice bucket measures 10 inches tall to the top of the handle or 6.5 inches to the top of the lid. It is 6 inches across from handle lug to handle lug.

    "I bought this ice bucket as I loved the stylish design and the top handle makes it so much easier to carry than my old bucket which had side handles. It is great quality, true stainless steel and we just love it". Jimmy R - LA.

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