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Roburn Black Butane Culinary Microtorch

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  • Use this culinary torch from Roburn for making creme brulee, cheese cakes, fruit tarts, baked alaska, meringue pies, roasted peppers, ice sculptures, and more. Made from black plastic and aluminum, it is durable and sturdy. This culinary torch has an adjustable flame that makes it easy to melt sugar within the confines of a custard dish. The flame heats to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit - far hotter and more efficient than a home broiler or salamander. In just seconds you'll achieve the hallmark thin-ice crust of first rate creme brulee while the custard and the serving dish stay properly cool. Furthermore, the torch meets CPSC child safety requirements and has a child resistant safety switch. The torch is lightweight and easy to store and is refillable with standard butane fuel (fuel not included).

    6" L


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