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Yoshihiro SKCS Sekiso High Performance Professional Grade 4 Layer Peel-Off Type Japanese Cutting Board, Small, Multicolor

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  • The Peel Type cutting board is one of the most innovative cutting boards on the market. What makes the Peel Type cutting board so unique is the ability to peel off layers that have worn out resulting in multiple layers of fresh cutting surface. With over 4 layers that can each last year (depending on use) and by alternating the front and back to keep the board even, the Peel Type cutting board can provide years of use. The Peel Type cutting board is not only one of the best cutting boards available but it is also constructed to be one of the best surface possible for high carbon steel knives. The Peel Type cutting board is also a great way to get the most out of knives that are made from higher methods of production such as Honyaki and Suminagashi blades. The edges of Honyaki and other higher production knives that have maximum hardness require high quality cutting surfaces such as the Peel Type cutting board because of the way they absorb the force of impact on the blade's edge. The Peel Type cutting board is also sanitary and fit for restaurant and professional use with a range of sizes that are also convenient for home use.

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