Canopy Expandable Collapsible Garden Hose - 50 Ft

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Expanding Hose
Garden Hose
  • Kink-free, lightweight, flexible material ensures optimal ease of use while watering your lawn
  • Coiled hosing expands to extend coverage over large area & retracts for convenient, compact storage
  • Durable hosepipe is made from double-layer of crack-resistant latex that outperforms other brands
  • Equipped with heavy-duty brass pipe fittings, built to withstand high water pressure without leaking
  • Features a built-in shut-off valve that saves you endless trips to the faucet & helps conserve water
This collapsible, expandable hose provides the ultimate watering experience. See images above. The coiled hose expands up to 50 feet and is fully retractable for easy storage. It's lightweight and flexible design allows for optimal control and comfort. Heavy-duty brass fittings allow high water pressure to pass through the line without resulting in leaks at the joint. A strong, double layer of latex helps prevent the line from cracking or splitting. It also features a built-in shut off-valve to help conserve water and save on trips to the tap. Enjoy watering your garden without having to wrestle with a heavy, unruly hose. Order yours today! Note: The lever that connects to the hose should loosen after the initial turn. If turning the lever proves difficult to do by hand you can slightly loosen the screw connecting the lever to the hose to make it easier to turn. You can also gently place pliers on the lever to help with the initial turn of the lever if needed.
Garden Hose
Garden Hose

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