• iButton tag electronic identification system allows measurements to be associated with the sampling location
  • For use with a Hanna Instruments Fast Tracker-compatible portable meter (sold separately)
  • Tags can be installed at various sampling sites to monitor and record specific location information when logging
  • Data points can be measured within a 10-meter/33-foot range, or when a GPS signal is not available
The Hanna Instruments HI 920005 iButton tag identification system is designed for use with Hanna Instruments Fast Tracker-compatible meters. Data points can be measured within a 10m/33ft. range, or when a GPS signal is not available. Each tag has a unique ID number, which can be used to record specific information about the location when logging. Tags can be installed at a variety of sampling sites for improved sampling data. Each HI 920005 iButton tag package includes five tag holders with tags.
Hanna Instruments

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