Iwisee Solar Animal and Birds Repeller - Electronic Pest Control Repellent

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  • This device is equipped with a flashing LED light that activates along with the sound wave, which will scare animals especially at night
  • This animal repeller has 5 different settings with frequencies ranging from 13.5KH-45.5KH, with options for sound and light activation, as well as a sweep all frequencies mode
  • This repeller runs on 3AA batteries which are included with your purchase
  • The device has a solar panel which recharges the batteries every day
  • Infrared sensor angel 110
  • Detection range: Up to approx. 30ft
  • Power: Solar power + 3 AA rechargeable batteries (Included), Or 9V, 200mA adapter (adapter not included)
  • If adapter (not included) is connected the PIR Sensor will not work
  • If there were many cloudy days the repeller can be charge with the adapter (not included)
  • Red LED light indicated active
This animal repeller was created to keep your garden crops or livestock or property clear from unwanted predators and animal, ranging from rats to raccoons, or birds and deer that enjoy your fresh home grown tomatoes. Unlike like traps or poison the repeller causes no physical harm to the animal.
Animal and Birds Repeller
Animal and Birds Repeller

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